Tips for Choosing the Best Diabetic Shoes

Tips for Choosing the Best Diabetic Shoes

In case you have diabetic neuropathy, you’ll need to buy a diabetic shoe that is made to in a way that it prevents any form of injury in your legs. It is essential to note that even an ulcer or a tiny blister can speedily escalate into an infection that can later cause amputation or other foot complications.

If you wear shoes that are not recommended for diabetics, you will experience poor circulation from damaged blood vessels that slow healing and makes your legs and feet prone to infection, whilst nerve damage can dull sensation and leave you unaware of injuries that can easily get out of control. Therefore, it is significant that you wear correct diabetic shoes to avoid any form of complications. Here are essential tips to check when selecting the right diabetic shoe for you.

Essential Tips for Selecting the Best Diabetic Shoe

Comfort – The first factor to consider when you’re evaluating the shoes on the listing is comfort. If a shoe is comfortable, it will be ideal to cater for various requirements such as numb toes and skin sensitivity. A shoe that is too tight will make blisters to appear and this is dangerous. The best diabetic shoes should have ample room to allow movement. In order to ensure that the shoe is well constructed, you should check on the material, design, and sizing of the shoes. It should not be too tight or too large.

Breathability – The material that makes the diabetic shoe should be appropriate. Shoes that are very hot can result into extra moisture causing the skin to breakdown and major problem if you’re suffering from diabetes. The following are the best material to ensure breathability of the shoe. They include;

  • Canvas
  • Textiles with some stretch
  • Suede
  • Flexible soft mesh
  • Soft synthetic leather
  • Perforated leather

Boots and heavy shoes can be problematic and should be avoided.  Additionally, shoes made from hard material such as plastic is not advisable as they don’t let the foot breathe. If you consider the above mentioned materials that have been stated, you will not get problems wearing them.


A top rated diabetic shoe is recognized for its capacity to accommodate insoles and orthotics. Many people with foot problems usually have their own personalized orthotics or insoles as those that come with various shoes uncomfortable.  

Other diabetes-friendly shoe features:

  • The shoe that you buy should have soft interiors and no seams. The shoes should not irritate or rub against your skin which can be harmful to your legs.
  • The closed toes are preferred compared to open-toes as they don’t leave a chance for your feet to be susceptible to injury.
  • The interiors should be cushioned so that they can absorb some of the impacts when they’re walking or running.
  • A top diabetic shoe for diabetic neuropathy should have a toe box that is wide enough but not so side wide that your feet can slide from side to side.
  • It should have laces that permit you to adjust the fit of your diabetic shoe.

Importantly, we are doing all this to protect your legs from harm and injuries. There are other things that you must consider such as keeping your feet dry and clean. To improve the circulation of blood in your feet and legs, you can buy a foot massager for diabetic neuropathy.


We hope that this article shared by our experts gives you more confidence for you to step out and look for the right pair of diabetic shoe. It can seem like a daunting process but it is definitely worth the struggle. However, when you follow the laid down tips, you will definitely select the best diabetic shoe for you.