Is it healthy for a woman to wear a shapewear daily?

Is it healthy for a woman to wear a shapewear daily?

It is no secret that shapewear enjoys a huge popularity across the world. Nowadays, you will find women in Asia and Africa also embracing the corsets and shapewear. The popularity can be attributed towards various famous women who wear them on their TV shows and red carpet events to give a perfect hourglass figure. But is it really safe or healthy to wear a shapewear daily?

History of Shapewear

Probably, you don’t know that corsets were first used in the Victorian age. People had the desire to look good from early days. The best shapewear for plus size were made of line, cotton, or fine material like satin that was wrapped around steel and later plastic. The shapewear have now evolved into stretchable and breathable one’s that are elastic.

Benefits of Shapewear

There are major advantages of wearing shapewear. The shapewear compress your body, sculpting it into a meticulous shape. There are three benefits that summarize what a shapewear can do:

  • Instantaneous slimmer figure
  • It compliments a fitness program and a weight loss diet
  • Make your small clothes to fit

Should you wear a shapewear every day?

Yes, but not every time. Even though best shapewear for dresses seems like an item that every lady should have in her drawer, you need to understand on their health repercussion. The old corsets and girdles were badly made restricting the flow of blood to the body and this was a cause of alarm. Nonetheless, modern shapewear usually endorses better circulation and muscle tone making it much safer to wear every day.

Shapewear are good and will help you reduce your belly fat or go to a special occasion looking good. Nonetheless, it should not be worn 24/7. At least, you can wear for 8 hours and then you remove it. It is not advisable to wear it on a daily basis.

Why should you avoid wearing it every time?

  • Shapewear affect digestion. Shapewear usually tends to compress your colon, stomach, and intestines. It is vital to note that when pressure is applied on the intestines, there is restriction of the movement of food in the intestines that can cause digestion. Also, contracting the stomach may cause acid reflux that can be followed by heartburn.
  • Shapewear can result to bloating and abdominal discomfort. When your stomach is tightened, there is an obstruction in the digestion of food which causes bloating and abdominal discomfort. It also compresses your bowel and may aggravate the irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Pressure your bladder. Wearing certain type of shapewear can surge the pressure on the bladder that may make you go to the toilet frequently which a lot of women avoid. If you don’t go to the toilet recurrently, it may cause leakage.

Final Thought

Yes, it is healthy for a lady to wear the shapewear daily but not the whole day (24/7). I agree, today’s shapewear are comfy undergarments that you can wear comfortably without any challenges. A shapewear gives you an instant slimmer and better-toned look that makes you look fantastic in dates and other special occasions.