How to feed a pug

How to feed a pug

Before you feed your pug, it is always important to think of health effects or benefits of the meal or snack. Too much pug feeding make them obese. Pugs are also sensitive to some of the additives that are added in their foods therefore, you have to make the right choice when buying the best food for pugs.

In this article, we will explore all you should know about feeding pugs i.e. how often should a pug be feed, keeping them healthy and giving them a balanced diet.

Which is the right one for a pug? Dry kibble or wet canned food

Feeding pug wet canned food can cause loose stool. Dry kibbles are the best because they help in strengthening the teeth.

However, if your pug is an adult and he has fewer teeth or difficult chewing the kibbles, you can add some wet food and mix with kibbles. Another alternative is adding some water or milk to the kibbles and letting them soak for about five to ten minutes.

Feed appropriate portions

Pugs love to feed on anything they come across and they never get satisfied, they stop eating once the food is over. If they are left to feed alone without monitoring them, they can easily become obese.

You should feed the pug at least once or twice a day following the food manufacture recommendations. All dog food has an indication of the maximum amount of food you should give your dog for a day. Instead of feeding the pug once, you can subdivide the amount and give him twice.

Give the right diet for a specific age

At every pug stage, these dog breeds will have different medical issues and they will require a special diet that is suitable for them. For example, pugs which have kidney disease should feed on food that has less protein and phosphorous.

It is important to choose the right quality dry food for your pug, i.e. if you own a puppy pug, there is special food for puppies, and it applies to adult and senior pugs, which also have their special foods.

In case you are not aware of what to feed your pug, consult a Vet officer who will check your dog and advice you accordingly.

Assess pug health over time

Pug health should be checked on a regular basis. In case you notice rapid unhealthy weight gain, you should seek the help of your Vet who will help you in analyzing the pug health and the food you are giving him.

The vet may give you instructions on how to feed your pug which you should follow otherwise you will risk your dog’s life. Sometimes, you could be feeding the pug the right amount of food but due to lack of enough exercise, he gains weight.

Reduce the treats

Treating your pug is very vital during training especially if you are using remote shock collars. Treats gives you a chance to reward your dog when he behaves well. Giving pugs treat on a daily basis will increase their daily food intake, which leads to weight gain.

Wet gain leads to joint problems and even difficulty breathing. While training, give your pug small treats and make sure treats for large dogs should not be given to small dogs like pugs.