Which is the best electric scooter for kids?

Which is the best electric scooter for kids?

Selecting an electric scooter for kids is not a hard thing. However, you may can easily make a mistake and by selecting a motor that doesn’t fascinate your kid. For a kid, they will definitely go for a scooter with custom colored LED lights and cool looks. That’s not entirely bad! Nonetheless, you cannot let your kid to select a scooter only on the basis of look. Here are other factors to consider when buying an electric scooter for your kids.

Factors to consider when buying an electric scooter for your kids

i. Top Speed

 The fast thing you would want to ensure is that your kid is safe while riding an electric scooter. If you buy an electric scooter with a top speed of 30MPH, then you will be holding your breath as your kid makes runs like a rally driver. Razor scooters are designed for kids beginning from the age of 8+. The Razor Brand recommends certain top speed for various kids. For a kid 8 Years of age, 10MPH will be suitable while you can choose 15MPH for a teenager.

ii. Range and Battery

The range and battery are generally interdependent. The range is the distance that a kid can cover with the scooter before recharging the battery. If your battery performance is great, then you will get good range. However, there are other factors that can affect the range such as weight of the rider and the terrain or where you’ll be riding your scooter. Thus, if your kid is a bit heavy, the range will lessen. Also, a bumpy and rough terrain can reduce the range of your scooter.

iii. Tires

There are two types of tires that are fitted on electric scooters. The two common types of electric scooters include air-filled or pneumatic tires and the solid tires. Each tire has its own advantages and disadvantages. The pneumatic tires are great in shock absorption but they can go flat just like a car tire. The other tire is the solid one that doesn’t require to be filled by air. It doesn’t go flat even on rough terrain. However, its undoing is that it doesn’t absorb shock while in bumpy and rough terrain.

iv. Portability

Another factor that you should check while buying your electric scooter is its portability. You need something you can easily fold up and throw it in the back of a car or carry it like a child in case the battery dies. Thus, as you consider buying the best electric scooter for kids, ensure its light enough for them to carry around easily.

v. Appearance

Kids love fancy things. They will definitely crave for fancy LED lights and the cool looks. So, when you’re buying your kids electric scooter, you should ensure that it looks great. The kids would like a scooter they can boastfully display to their friends.

vi. Price

The price of an electric scooter purely depends on your budget. However, I believe that there are good models of electric scooters that won’t break your bank. I don’t want to be biased, but I would always recommend Razor electric scooters for your kids. They’re well made for your kid and they won’t cost much compared to other brands.

Final Thought

So, there is no harm in buying an electric scooter. Buy your child the electric scooters and watch them having fun. We have explained the factors that you should check to ensures you buy the best electric scooter for your kids.